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Everyone wants to be slim and beautiful, but very often people think that this is a painful, time-consuming process consisting of strict diets and grueling workouts. In fact, keeping fit is not difficult, the main thing is to want and take the first step. Now, during a difficult epidemiological situation, when people are in quarantine, work remotely or have made a reasonable decision to self-isolate, it’s time to take care of yourself. Ekaterina Alekseeva, a psychologist at the Vozrozhdeniye Social Rehabilitation Center, offers a few simple rules for keeping yourself in good physical shape.
“Observing them, you will always be filled with ease, positive, become more self-confident, and most importantly, your health will noticeably improve!” says the psychologist.

Motivation and attitudes

First you need to decide what you need a good physical shape for? What do you want to achieve with this and do you really need it? The reasons may be different, but this will be the very impetus for action.

“I want to lose weight” is too vague. Answer yourself honestly: do you want to become slimmer than your girlfriend and raise your self-esteem? Do you want to lose weight to be healthier? Do you just want it because it’s trendy? Maybe after you honestly answer yourself, you will understand that it is not for you, but for others.

To keep yourself in good shape, you need to change your old attitudes to new ones. If you decide to take care of yourself, you understand that you need to change your lifestyle, then without changing old settings, you will stay in the same place. Therefore, make a list of negative attitudes that your parents, friends, acquaintances imposed on you, or you yourself came up with them. For example: “You have such a complexion, you tend to be overweight.” Such an installation will not allow you to achieve the desired result, you will quit what you started when you do not see the result in the shortest possible time.

What can be done? We write out negative attitudes that will prevent us from achieving our transformation, change them to positive ones, and find positive examples. It is motivation, attitudes and awareness of the goal that will lead you to success.

10 tips to keep yourself in shape. Reuters photo
10 tips to keep yourself in shape. Reuters photo
“Remember, it’s important to be optimistic about life. Perhaps it is trite, but a person creates his own life. Dreams come true if you believe in them. And if you believe, then everything will definitely be fine! Good luck in your endeavors,” adds Ekaterina Alekseeva.

Action plan

Once you understand why you need to get in shape, it’s time to put together a “tracker” of new habits that you want to bring into your life.

What is a “tracker” and what is it for? A habit tracker is a table-calendar in which you record completed tasks, and then see how regularly you cope with them. “Tracker” can be downloaded to a smartphone or drawn by yourself. This way you can track your progress visually.

When you want to break loose and see what path you have already overcome, this will help you not to give up and continue to go towards your goal.

Do not try to immediately introduce many habits into your life. Better start slowly and add new ones little by little. The body will gradually get used to the new pace of life, small successes will bring you joy, not torture on yourself.

10 tips to keep yourself in shape. Reuters photo
10 tips to keep yourself in shape. Reuters photo
drink water

It is right to start the morning with a glass of warm water with lemon. It is not difficult and pleasant, and also helps to start the metabolism and improve digestion. It is necessary to drink a glass of water with lemon juice on an empty stomach immediately after waking up, 15 minutes before a meal. Such a morning drink will help get rid of internal toxins and normalize kidney function. Regular consumption of water with lemon juice helps to cleanse the arteries and blood vessels. Vitamin C contained in the drink strengthens the body’s defenses and increases resistance to viruses.

During the day, the body loses a liter of fluid through the lungs with exhaled air, and up to two or three liters comes out with sweat and natural secretions. Accordingly, we need to replenish about three liters of clean water daily.

It is necessary to drink water in small sips, gradually. If you didn’t drink much water before, then don’t rush to immediately drink three liters a day. It is enough to start with 1 liter per day, and then your body itself will ask for water.

10 tips to keep yourself in shape. Reuters photo
10 tips to keep yourself in shape. Reuters photo

Start your day with a morning workout. Keep it simple and fun, without complicated physical exercises. Just knead all muscle groups in turn, starting from the head, slowly moving to the feet. Do gymnastics to your favorite music. Finish the exercise with a stretch: your body will wake up faster, and your mood will immediately improve. If it is difficult to come up with exercises yourself, find